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1. Who or what is The Invisible Architect?

It is that intelligent energy – God, the Universal Mind, First Cause, the Infinite Intelligence, Hidden Power, the Absolute, the Silence, the Intelligent Quantum Energy Field, the Changeless, the Ageless, the Almighty Creator, One Great Light, Universal Energy, the One, the Force, Higher Self, Intuition etc—The Invisible Architect, that wishes to express itself through our desires! You are of the same essence of the Invisible Architect and so The Invisible Architect and you are ONE and the same and once this recognized, therein lies the source of your inner power and ability to design your life from within. (See FAQ #4 – Spiritual Dynamics)

2. What does “How to Design Your Perfect Life from Within” mean?

You must understand the spiritual mechanics involved in inviting the Invisible Architect to express its Divine Word, your WORD, through you so you can design your perfect life from within! Your thoughts and beliefs, your mindset as some refer to it, ultimately create your realityyour desired life!

“Life is God’s novel. Let him write it.” —Isaac Bashevis Singer

3. What does “Your perfect life awaits your discovery” mean?

 If you understand spiritual mechanics, you have already created your perfect life archetype in your mental universe which has now been transferred to the Quantum Intelligent Energy Field–The Invisible Architect–waiting to be claimed, delivered,  and manifested through the law of growth. The purpose then of the mentoring program is to speed this manifestation process up through 1:1 effective personal guidance. (Note: most people don’t know their perfect life awaits their discovery or if they do, they don’t know to claim it let alone manifest it and experience it in the physical universe.)

4. What is the importance of understanding “spiritual mechanics”?

Spiritual mechanics are specific ways of thinking and interacting with The Invisible Architect; the relationship between The Invisible Architect and its creations and the interactions thereof necessary to manifest your desires. In other words, there are fundamentals that need to be understood and applied correctly to produce your perfect life–you know…the one you occasionally dream of, but think will never happen! And therein lies the problem and reason why many have difficulty achieving their ideal lives!

5. What is your elite “Perfect Life Mindset” Mentoring Program about?

It’s about working with a mentor, not a coach, but a perfect life mindset mentor who knows the exact spiritual mechanics–the three-step process–to be used to help YOU design your perfect life. This is what the Elite Perfect Life Mindset Mentoring Program is–a one-on-one mentor/mentee program dedicated to showing you the spiritual mechanics – the Be Do Have – of designing your perfect life from within! If that’s of value, contact me now for a FREE evaluation!

6. What guarantee do I have I will succeed?

Wrong question and indicative of incorrect mindset which is why you are at this decision-point in your life. You are your only guarantee! Remember, the concepts in the book if applied will help you establish your major purpose in life or, if you already know your major purpose, speed up the journey to perfection. We will also go over the spiritual mechanics that need to be understood  and consistently applied to create your perfect life from within –  the Be Do Have Manifestation Formula p 41 of The Invisible  Architect.

Once the archetype of your perfect life has been created with clarity and certainty within – in your subjective personal universe, the Invisible Architect can begin working its manifestation magic by expressing itself through your using your knowledge and application of the  Be + Do = Have Formula. This is all explained in detail  in my book with supportive hands-on assignments and exercises which instead of doing on your own, I will be mentoring you through and which you will be accountable to me to complete. (Mentoring makes a huge transformational difference and definitely speeds up the process!)  Your success manifesting your perfect life is directly proportional to your decoding your life’s purpose which is your first step,  and then through disciplined mental and spiritual practice, create the corresponding (BE) that leads to the necessary actions (DO) that then produces your perfect life (HAVE) – the BE + DO = HAVE manifestation formula. This is not an instantaneous quick fix; it takes courage, decision and the responsibility level and dedication to even begin this final step in your journey to a perfect life which is why not everybody is accepted into my perfect life 1:1 mentoring programs.

That said, congrats! You are here and so let’s continue the process…

7. What happens at the FREE perfect life interview?

We’ll go over your background and current life situation – areas of your life that you want to change or improve towards perfection – and discuss what Invisible Architect Mentor Programs will work best for you and your unique situation. You should allow at least 30 minutes to an hour.  (Note: This free 1:1 session with John Novello is not just an interview; on the contrary, it’s a major first step in the discovery, design and achievement of your perfect life from within,  so be prepared for some important realizations!

8. What if I can't afford any of the mentoring programs?

 Again, wrong question and indicative of incorrect mindset which is the source of any imperfect situation. Cause and Effect are twins so if the effect (life situation) is imperfect,  the cause (spiritual mindset) is imperfect. The mentoring programs help anybody,  no matter what walk of life, discover and obliterate imperfection in any and all areas.  For example, you may be a billionaire entrepreneur with serious relationship issues; a professional athlete, musician, etc… trying to achieve his or her best performance, a husband and wife desiring a better relationship,  a high school student with no friends, an executive or coach with poor leadership skills etc – doesn’t matter what your life situation is…your perfect life awaits your discovery!

That said and back to the affordability question, there are several options depending on your budget and available time to choose from:

1. You can purchase the book which is available in all formats and self-study & apply its principles to your current life situation thereby increasing your ability to exchange in the marketplace as after all, money is simply an exchange of products and services – the more you give, the more you will receive. Many have chosen this initial route and then chose one of the mentoring programs when they were in a better financial situation.

2. Where there’s a will there’s a way which translates to a shift in mindset right?  Instead of “what if I can’t afford the program” or “I am broke” or “I don’t have enough money” etc,  you can change your mindset to something like “I have plenty of money for any of the programs” which will open the door to all kinds of surprising possibilities – all of which are explained in the book.

3. When you have created enough exchange and thus money to do so, purchase our 1/2 day intensive starter program and work your way up to our advanced programs. Whichever way… The Invisible Architect, your all-knowing best friend, awaits your invitation to express and know itself through you and your gifts  and help you design your perfect life within & without – the exact spiritual mechanics how this is done is explained in detail in the book.

Remember…  everything is energy! Your perfect life has already been designed and exists as unorganized energy awaiting to be discovered and experienced by YOU!

So what are you waiting for?

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9. Who are these mentoring programs for?

The Invisible Architect is available to each of us – whether rich or poor, young or old, struggling or not…even successful high achievers and/or entrepreneurs, these programs can help anybody achieve their perfect life in any area that is not ideal (perfect)!  


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10. What if money is not an issue and I want to transform my current life toward perfection as soon as possible?

Then your best option is apply for my “elite inner circle” 1:1 mentor program by scheduling an interview with me ASAP! At the interview, we will determine the best intensive personal and customized program both virtual and live necessary for your needs. 

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John Novello

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